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Roem Lunch Room Restaurant is considered a rich architectural and cultural history and one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. We strive to be different in our offer to our customers. Dining at Roem Lunch Room restaurant is a fun, casual and homey experience with family and friends. We are serving our prestigious clients the true delicacies from the authentic cuisine. We have set the standard for bringing premier cuisine to set dinners in the Netherlands. With the passion for creating iconic cuisine with a modern and creative flair, combined with our commitment to impeccable service. Over the years, we are proud to have built a reputation with a loyal following of repeat guests, as well as becoming the recommended destination for visitors to Amsterdam.

Our Team

Namaste! Have a look at our food menu, which contains Royal & traditional best cuisine in many different categories. Whether you’re looking for an ideal location for a royal dinner or elegant high quality food experience, Roem Lunch Room menu is well balanced combination of authentic Vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Visit us for experience the authentic flavors of food.

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If you want to enjoy authentic food with comfort of their home, You may place an order online pay either online using online payment or cash on delivery.